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The Talbot Fund

Development Projects, academic, community, capital projects, undesignated donations

The Talbot Fund, named after the first Warden of Keble, Edward Talbot, was launched in 2002 with the objective of asking ‘all Old Members to help shape the College’s future by making a regular, modest contribution to the Fund’, an objective which remains just as relevant today. Now established as one of the strongest annual funds in the collegiate University, the Talbot Fund attracts support from all generations of alumni. With cash income now at £1 million+ per year the Talbot Fund is the equivalent of a £31 million endowment, hugely important for a College with an actual endowment of £45 million and in which the cost of an undergraduate education is roughly double what we receive from student fees. Participation is the key to our success with 55% of alumni contributing to date, and 75% of donors giving regularly each year. Our aim is for no less than 100% participation.

The Talbot Fund and the
150th Anniversary Campaign

By giving to Keble via the Talbot Fund you can choose which aspect of the 150th Anniversary Campaign you wish to support. Of course if you wish, you can simply make an undesignated gift and the funds will be allocated to the area of greatest need.

Student Support

Providing vital scholarships and bursaries to ensure that financial means is not a barrier to a Keble education, and funding outreach and access programmes to encourage the brightest students to apply regardless of their background.

Rob Weston“One of the greatest things about Keble is the diverse range of people you get to meet, from all backgrounds. The money from the Talbot Fund provides students with bursaries and scholarships to ensure that everyone who wants to come to Keble can do so. It also funds the Keble access scheme, Keble at Large, whose aim is to ensure that the number of state school students applying to Oxford continues to rise, further increasing diversity within the College. For me this is what the Talbot Fund is all about!”

Rob Weston (BA Engineering, 2013)

Undergraduate Bursaries

The Oxford Bursary Scheme makes means-tested awards to those incoming undergraduates who might regard the rising cost of studying at University as a significant deterrent. The costs of providing this support are divided between the University and the colleges. Keble currently spends £135,000 per year on bursary support, only £44,000 of this comes from the existing endowment. The rest is funded in part by donations via the Talbot Fund and in part by the College’s operating budget. In recent years numerous alumni and friends have donated named bursary awards, including A.E. Grant (1958), The Stonehouse Foundation, and Scott Barnes (1975). We are delighted to announce that Christopher (1971) and Margaret Coombe are contributing the ‘Coombe Bursary’ to this initiative from September 2016. We hope that many other alumni and friends of the College will join them in supporting our undergraduate students.

Matching Gift Challenge - Undergraduate Support

The University of Oxford has received a significant pledge of £75 million, from Christ Church alumnus Michael Moritz and his wife Harriet Heyman, towards the funding of bursaries for the most financially disadvantaged undergraduate students. The gift will be made to the University in three instalments of £25 million, the first of which has already been received. Each subsequent instalment is conditional upon the collegiate University raising a further £50 million for undergraduate student support. A gift to Keble College, directed to undergraduate student support, will count towards this challenge. You can learn more about the Moritz–Heyman Scholarships here.

Graduate Scholarships

On average, the current cost for a graduate student is £30,000 per year. Our objective is to increase the funds available for graduate scholarships (full and partial awards) to encourage the best students from the UK, EU and overseas to apply to Keble and the most talented Keble students who achieve a first class degree at undergraduate level to stay on. By 2018 the H B Allen Centre will be ready for the first cohort of graduate students. We have to increase the funding available to be able to compete with the top international institutions and attract the brightest scholars.

Outreach Activity

Through donations we hope to provide another £150,000 to enhance and develop our outreach work primarily in our regional link area of the West Midlands. Our Outreach Officer works with schools, teachers and pupils to attract, encourage and guide the brightest applicants, regardless of their circumstances and familiarity with the admissions process.


Some students also experience financial difficulties during their studies for reasons beyond their control. Through donations from alumni we are able to offer a helping hand.

For further information on the detail of bursaries and scholarships, please refer to the student page in the academic section of this site.

For further information on the detail of bursaries and scholarships available, please refer to the student page in the academic section of this site.

Graduate Scholarships
Money Matters

Teaching and Research

Securing tutorial teaching by endowing academic posts and supporting our research capacity by funding the programmes of the Keble Advanced Studies Centre; we are seeking donations to support Keble’s academic excellence.

Tutorial Teaching

Keble is committed to maintaining the tutorial system of undergraduate teaching. The interaction between the students and academics creates a personal and rich learning environment, one which equips our students for future success. This intensity of teaching is inevitably expensive. Despite the rise in tuition fees, the tutorial system continues to require significant subsidy from the College. Recruiting and retaining leading academics is critical to our continued success. Thanks to the generosity of donors in recent years, we have been able to endow two tutorial fellowships in Law and Theology. We are now focused on securing further posts in perpetuity, and for this we need your continued support.

New Academic Posts

Keble seeks funding to appoint up to four new Career Development Fellows (CDFs) as part of its commitment to supporting early career researchers and advancing scholarship in exciting new fields. CDFs are typically postdoctoral researchers selected in competition for their potential in furthering research, and ability to provide focused teaching support in key areas. Keble already has two endowed CDFs, in Modern English Literature and in Renaissance History. We want to achieve some diversity in the the new appointments, with at least one in Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Medical Sciences and Social Sciences.

Visiting Fellowship Scheme

Keble intends to build on its existing programme of Senior Research Visitors and Collaborating Research Scholars by founding a prestigious scheme for Visiting Fellows. The Fellows, who will be of international standing in their fields of research, will stay at the ‘research hotel’ within the new H B Allen Centre for periods of up to 10 weeks. During this time, they will participate in the intellectual life of the College and the University through public lectures, seminars and workshops. They will be encouraged to engage with College Fellows, graduates and undergraduates, with a particular emphasis on including non-specialists. The accent will be on inter-disciplinarity, or the sharing of ideas across subject boundaries – a fundamental objective of the programmes of Keble’s Advanced Studies Centre.

College Community

Enriching the life of each student and encouraging individual talents, passions and interest in music, sports and drama.

Eleanor Jaskowska “We have a great reputation as a mixed college with a strong graduate community, both socially and academically – this means that Keble can attract some of the best young researchers from across Oxford and the world.  I personally benefited from the Blues Fund, which is funded by OMs via Talbot Fund Community Projects. This was hugely helpful to help meet the cost of membership to Oxford University Women's Rugby Club.   We are so fortunate to be at a college where OM generosity and the Talbot Fund directly support students in their day to day life, it really makes a difference.”

Eleanor Jaskowska (DPhil Plant Science, 2009)

Keble offers a rich cultural environment, one in which every student can enhance existing talents and interests, and develop new ones. Donations directed to Community Support subsidise student activities, clubs, societies, sports teams, those individuals representing the University, the creative arts, exhibitions, concerts, the Chapel and the College Choir.

Drama and Music

The Sloane Robinson Building has provided superb facilities for the College in the area of drama and music, facilities which are second to none in the University.  It is our aim to make funds available to support first rate drama and music productions during term time. The O'Reilly Theatre hosts regular drama productions, some put on by outside companies, others performed entirely by students.  There is a full programme of musical events held each term in the Andrew and Christine Hall Music Room. As part of the 150th Anniversary Campaign we are seeking to raise £1 million to secure the future of music in Keble.


Keble has a strong sporting tradition and this continues with activities ranging from badminton to yoga.  Our sports men and women need equipment, training facilities and funds to meet the cost of participating and representing Keble and, in many cases, the University. With the support from alumni and friends Keble students are able to take on new activities, develop skills, keep fit and contribute to the College community through their sports.

Keble Rowing Society

SummerVIIIsThe membership subscriptions of the Keble Rowing Society assist the College in the support of the Keble College Boat Club.  The College is very pleased to have the major sponsorship of the Boat Club through Neptune Investment Management but further funds are needed to ensure that the College has the best equipment possible and has good coaching in place to ensure that Keble's men and women rowers move steadily up the Divisions.  Become a member of the Rowing Society by completing the Membership Form.

The Keble Association

Student support offered by the Talbot Fund is augmented by the Keble Association, which funds over 80 individual grant awards per year for undergraduate and graduate students wishing to undertake additional study, humanitarian-related travel, or internships in the vacations. The Keble Association is run by volunteers for the benefit of current students and offers support for Keble students out of term-time. From academic year 2016-17 you can sign up to join the KA via the Talbot Fund.

KA Logo

Friends of the Keble College Chapel

Friends of Keble College Chapel has been set up to promote and support the Chapel community, both present and future. We hope this scheme will enable us to enhance funding for the community and provide ongoing support for opportunities offered by the Chapel, both musical and otherwise. As a Friend of Keble College Chapel, your support will help to ensure that the Chapel and Choir at Keble College will remain treasures of our community and beyond for centuries to come.

Buildings and Facilities

The College is committed to preserving the original Victorian buildings while developing the best possible new facilities for future generations of students.

The rolling programme of careful refurbishment and modernisation of the accommodation in Liddon and Pusey quads, and the recent painstaking works to repair the Hall floor and to return the ceiling to its former glory, attest to the value we place on the fabric and heritage of our Butterfield buildings.

The Hall and Library complex represents one of the key elements of Butterfield’s masterplan and today the Hall remains at the heart of Keble.The Hall Project encompasses a new kitchen and servery, and the completion of the refurbishment of the Hall itself. The current arrangements for the preparation and serving of meals in Hall present serious challenges for our hard working staff; their ability to provide over 45,000 meals a year for students, staff, Fellows and guests is being compromised by operational and logistical shortcomings of the existing layout of facilities. Working closely with a team of specialist consultants to ensure that the integrity of the Grade 1 listed building is preserved, a project scheme costing £2.5 million has been devised which will:

  • locate a new kitchen on a new mezzanine floor at ground level
  • generate space at the basement level (where the kitchen is currently located) for kitchen-support functions and storage
  • install a second catering lift
  • enlarge the Hall Servery to allow a through flow of diners.

While the kitchen project is being carried out, the Dining Hall will not be in use, presenting an ideal opportunity to complete the much needed maintenance and refurbishment works. The intention is to:

  • clean and refurbish the oak panelling and oak flooring
  • complete the laying of the new floor tiles
  • clean and repair the walls
  • redesign the lighting
  • return the tables and benches to the original 12–table layout.

The refurbishment works have been costed at £500,000. With your support we hope to achieve this project in time for the anniversary celebrations in 2020.

Leanne Robinson“I have been incredibly lucky to have received support from the Talbot Fund: the refurbished room I live in, the Hall I eat in, the scholarship I've gained, the opportunity to try rowing, play netball and see plays in the O'Reilly - all of these aspects of my time at Keble have been made possible through the Fund's support. It is also an amazing reflection of how the community spirit of Keble spans across the generations of its students.”

Leanne Robinson (BA Human Sciences, 2013)


Funds which are not specifically earmarked are of greatest benefit to the College as they can be directed to the area of greatest need.  A large number of donors choose to give in this way.

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Join in!

You can join one of the Keble alumni and friends groups by donating via the Talbot Fund. Making a contribution to the Rowing Society, the Keble Association or Friends of the Chapel is an easy way of strengthening an aspect of the College which is important to you and brings the opportunity to engage with the College and the current students. All three groups have social events to which you will receive invitations.