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Hursley Theological Society

The Hursley Theological Society brings in a wide range of often prominent speakers to lead 'workshops' 201202BiggarWinterIslamKebleworkshopposterpage001.jpgon topics of wider interest.  Formats have included lectures and debates in varying degrees of formality, but always with a lively Question and Answer period at the end and followed by a glass of wine (or juice) and further opportunity to engage the speakers informally.  All are welcome.

Hursley Theological Society 2014-2015
The Hursley Society offerings for Michaelmas Term 2014 featured a workshop with Edward Kessler, MBE (Director of the Woolf Institute and Fellow of St Edmund's College, Cambridge) on the question: 'Is Interfaith Dead? Life in the Age of Global Religions.'  For Hilary Term 2015, the Hursley Society welcomed Professor Alister McGrath.

Hursley Theological Society - Previous Offerings
Offerings in 2013-14 included a discussion started by Professor Nigel Biggar (Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology, Oxford) with responses from Esther Reed (Professor of Theology and Director, Network for Religion in Public Life at the University of Exeter) and Dapo Akande (UL in Public International Law and Co-Director of the Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law, and Armed Conflict).  The title of this offering was 'Christian Theology in Defence of War?'  See the poster for the event HERE.

Offerings in 2012-2013 included Mark Noll, Francis A McAnaney Professor of History at the University of Notre Dame on 'What Role can Confessional Christianity play in the 21st Century University?'  (the poster for the event HERE); Richard Bauckham, Senior Scholar at Ridley Hall, Cambridge and former Professor of New Testament at St Andrews on 'The Gospel of Mark: Peter's Memoirs?' (the poster for the event HERE); and Professor Werner Jeanrond, the new master of St Benet's Hall, Oxford on 'What is Love? Family, Friends, Church & Beyond' (the poster for the event HERE).

In Hilary Term 2012, we welcomed Nigel Biggar (Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology, Oxford) and Timothy Winter (Sheikh Zayed Lecturer in Islamic Studies, Cambridge) on the topic: 'Can the West Live with Islam?'
A video podcast of the event is available here.

Two other seminars were offered in 2012: 'Gang Violence and Restorative Justice': a seminar with Vincent Rougeau (Professor and Dean of the Law School at Boston College and Senior Fellow at CTC), Pastor Peter Nembhard (Senior Pastor at ARC Pentecostal Church in London) and Andre Thomas (Former Gang Member), and an evening soiree with Professor Nicholas Wolterstorff (Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Yale University) for graduate students.

Speakers and events have included:
N.T. Wright on 'Do you go to heaven when you die?';
Richard B. Hays and Nigel Biggar on 'Pacifism in New Testament Ethics?';
James D.G. Dunn on 'What do we Really know about the "Historical" Jesus?'
Frances M. Young on 'Can Biblical Scholars Pray?'
Bruce McCormack on 'Is Barth Finished?'
Martin Biddle on 'Have Archaeologists Discovered the Tomb of Jesus?'
Ken Costa on 'What can Theolgogy Do for the Banks?'
Mona Siddiqui on 'What's the point of an Islamic Christology?'
Christopher Jamison on 'What in the World are Monks Good For?'
Jolyon Mitchell on 'Is Journalism the Enemy of Peacebuilding?'
Nigel Biggar and Timothy Winter on 'Can the West Live with Islam?'

Our Services in Term
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Eucharist at 12.15pm (Wednesday) and 6.30pm (Tuesday and Thursday)

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Evening Prayer at 6.30pm (Monday and Friday)

Sung Compline at 9.00pm (Thursdays only)