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Research Workshop on Applications of PDEs

Monday 23 April 2018 at 4:30 PM


The Complexity Cluster coordinators, Dr Apala Majumdar & Professor Gui-Qiang Chen, cordially invite you to attend a Complexity Cluster research workshop on the 23rd April 2018 in the Pusey Room, Keble College.

Venue: Pusey Room


4.30 - 4.45pm Coffee

4.45 - 5.30pm Professor Alberto Bressan (Eberly Family Chair Professor, Penn State University)

Title: Traffic flow on a network of roads

A mathematical description of traffic flow can be provided in terms of conservation laws, describing the density of cars along each road. Additional conditions are then used, to model flow at intersections.

One can also look at daily traffic patterns as the result of the decisions of a large number of drivers, trying to minimize the time spent on the road and a penalty for late arrival. This leads to the problem of finding a globally optimal solution, which minimizes the sum of the costs to all drivers, or a Nash equilibrium solution, where no driver can lower his individual cost by changing his own departure time or his route to reach destination.

The talk will review some of these models, discussing main results and current research directions.

5.30 - 5.45pm Coffee

5.45 - 6.30pm Professor Wen Shen (Professor, Mathematics Department, Penn State University)

Title: Carried away by avalanches — PDE models for granular flows.

6.30 - 7.00pm Discussion

We look forward to seeing you there.

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Ending at: 7:00 PM

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