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Who we are and what we do

The role of a College within Oxford University

Keble College at present has 425 undergraduate students and 246 graduate students. There are 44 Fellows who are members of its Governing Body, 12 research fellows and career development fellows, and college lecturers who assist in the teaching of our students.

College Governance


List of Academic Staff

We admit undergraduate students in 18 broad subject areas, and across most graduate study fields.

Application information can be found here.

Keble follows the University’s Admissions Policies and Codes of Practice.

Information is provided to new undergraduates and graduate students before their arrival:  a link to the College Freshers’ website is available on request.

Admissions Statistics for Undergraduates can be found on the University website: University-wide data

Report on admissions to Keble is available in hard-copy as part of Academic Annual Report


The teaching role of the College is described in the Keble College Handbook.

Keble complies with the University’s Quality Assurance Guidelines on undergraduate and graduate teaching and learning, and related matters

The College has provided a Statement of Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching and Learning Provision to the University Conference of Colleges and this is available on request


A description of the research activities of groups and individual academics in the College is provided here.

Student Services

The full list of welfare and other support services available to students is described in the Student Support section of our website and in the College Handbook.


Alumni and Development


History of Keble

For general enquiries or information please contact

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