WW1 Pounce Pot

A pounce pot given to College by students returning from the First World War returns

Pounce Pot given to College by the returning students from the First World War finds its way back home.


With the commemoration of the outbreak of the First World War this year, a timely new arrival has joined the collections here in the College Archives. This new accession is a small silver pounce pot. Hallmarked London 1918 it bears the following inscription:

d. d. d.
armis positis toga resumpta
Coll. Kebl. alumni

Which translates as:

The returning pupils of Keble College, having laid down their arms and resumed the toga, have offered this as a gift to God

The war had a massive impact on College. Between 1914 and 1918 student numbers fell dramatically resulting in a marked reduction in the College’s income. Financial losses were estimated at about £17,000. The human losses were also great: 25 students accepted for admission into Keble were killed prior to their matriculation and 22 students interrupted their studies to join the Military and Naval Forces never to return. A further 124 Keble old members lost their lives during the course of the war.

The College established a war memorial and endowment fund in during the war August 1917. This funded the war memorial chapel at the west door of the Chapel in memory of those Keble men killed during the War. Perhaps this pounce pot was the returning students' way of celebrating their safe return to their studies.


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