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Readers with Disabilities

Keble Library is committed to providing the best access possible for all members of College.  Readers with disabilities are invited to contact the College’s Welfare Officer or the College Librarian directly to discuss their needs before they start their course or at any stage during their time at Keble.

If the staircase presents a problem, arrangements can be made for readers to study in the Lower Reading rooms. Books can be delivered to pigeonholes, left with Lodge staff or delivered directly to student rooms. Disabled users may also nominate a person to check out books on their behalf.

It may be possible to purchase extra copies of books for those for whom it would be difficult to visit other libraries and who find it easier to read in their rooms. On request, we may be able to supply ergonomic chairs and book/laptop rests for students with back or neck problems.

Permission may be given by the Librarian for a helper, approved by the University Disability office, to accompany a student when using the Library.

A key point of contact is the Accessible Resources Unit of the Bodleian Libraries (ARACU) which provides support for students with disabilities and advises on access issues for all Bodleian Libraries. ARACU has a variety of assistive technology – including magnifiers, screen readers, recorders and ergonomic equipment – available for borrowing or for testing on site. The Bodleian Libraries have also a dedicated Disability Librarian (

We want you to make the most of your time at Keble and Library staff will do their best to provide a service that meets your individual needs.


Yvonne Murphy
College Librarian
Tel: (01865)272797

Trish Long
Keble Welfare officer                                                   
Tel: (01865) 2 72700

Rachel Fowden-Hulme
Equal Opportunities Representative
Keble College JCR

Ben Haveron
Equal Opportunities Representative
Keble College MCR