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Anne-Sophie Mutter celebrates Keble Honorary Fellowship

Thursday 26 November 2015

Anne-Sophie Mutter celebrates Keble Honorary Fellowship

On 24 November, one of the greatest violin virtuosi of our time, Anne-Sophie Mutter, celebrated joining the College community as an Honorary Fellow. The College had elected her in recognition of her outstanding achievements in the world of music both as a performer and a teacher.

In the afternoon Anne-Sophie conducted an open rehearsal in the College Chapel, playing Bach’s Concerto for Two Violins (BWV 1043) with a string ensemble. She shared the solo part with Oxford students, past and present, selected under the residency programme of the Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra, whose Director, Dr Marios Papadopolous MBE, himself a Fellow by Special Election of the College, played the continuo. The audience in Chapel were enthralled as Anne-Sophie conveyed her interpretation of the composer’s intentions, drawing the very best from each performer with passion and humour. The rehearsal ended with an impromptu Q and A session, an opportunity for all those fascinated by her musicianship to engage with her directly.

Later in Hall Anne-Sophie and her co-performers played the Concerto to a spellbound audience which reflected all areas of the College community, fellows, students, staff, alumni, and friends. Anne-Sophie also dedicated a special and moving performance of J S Bach’s Air on the G String (BWV 1068) to the victims of the recent terrorist attacks. Both pieces revealed a lovely Hall acoustic seldom experienced.

After dinner the Warden spoke about the College’s pleasure in welcoming Anne-Sophie into the Fellowship of the College and emphasised how much we all look forward to her continuing association with us. Anne-Sophie responded warmly, emphasising, among other things, her commitment to the development of young musical talent. She then offered a final impromptu treat,  performing an arrangement of the Bach/Gounod Ave Maria with a simple harpsichord continuo which left everyone gasping with admiration.

A word of thanks by Anne-Sophie Mutter.

Photographer:  Janey Petterson