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Gresham Professor of Geometry

Wednesday 06 December 2006

Professor Robin Wilson's appointment as Gresham Professor of Geometry in London has been extended to a fourth year, until the summer of 2008. His general-interest lectures on mathematics and its history at Gresham College have been very popular and have recently been attended by a number of Keble students, both past and present.

Gresham College, founded by Sir Thomas Gresham, is an independently funded educational institution based in Barnard's Inn, Holborn, in the centre of London, which appoints eight professors at any one time and has provided free public lectures since 1597. Robin Wilson is Professor of Pure Mathematics and Director of the Pure Mathematics group at the Open University and has also taught mathematics for Keble students since 1980. He is a Fellow by Special Election at Keble and is known for his lively interest in the history of mathematics and the relation of mathematics and music.

Information about his future lectures, and downloads of his earlier ones, can be obtained from the Gresham College website.