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Keble is the college of choice for Physics

Thursday 11 January 2007

In the admissions round in December 2006 improved collaboration between Physics tutors across colleges brought outstanding success to those applying to Keble. 20 Keble applicants received offers of places (10 from Keble and 10 from other colleges). Not only did Keble have 55% more applicants than any other college in the first place, but their success rate was also better (1 in 3 rather than the average of 1 in 4). 11% of all successful applicants across the University applied to Keble. Why? All sorts of reasons - the welcome offered by current junior members and staff, location, tutors, our outstanding track record in Physics, shown in the number of Firsts and the number going on to the DPhil each year - and because it is Keble!