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Keble Past and Present

Monday 02 April 2007

We are planning to publish a new illustrated history of Keble, to be edited by the Warden and Dr Ian Archer with publication planned for late 2008. A brochure has been sent to all Old Members, and they and anyone else who might be interested are warmly encouraged to send contributions and place an advanced order. Those who have subscribed in advance will have their names recorded in the eventual publication. The publishers are Third Millenium.

We are looking for information from old members and people with associations with the College: personal memoirs, diaries, letters, photogrpahs etc. would be most welcome.

Please send your orders and any materials to Third Millenium at the following email address: or send memorabilia addressed to The Warden, Keble College, c/o Third Millennium Publishing, 2-5 Benjamin Street, London, EC1M 5QL