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Keble Students' Superb Performances

Friday 20 July 2012

With over a third of our finalists this year achieving a First Class result (a record number of 40 Firsts), Keble students have had their abilities recognised with awards across all levels of examinations and years.

With many University prizes still to be given later in the summer, awards to Keble students already include:

Joanna Bell

Wronker Law Prize shared for the best overall peformance in the Bachelor of Arts in Jurisprudence     

William Gohl

D'souza Prize for the best overall performance in the Second BA in Law

Peter Cawley

The British Telecom Research & Technology Prize for  best overall performance in Part B, Computer Science Final Honours School.

Hannah McKay (pictured)

Rob Clark Prize awarded by the UK Physiological Society at their international meeting,  for the best poster presented by an undergraduate student - based on her final third year project in the BA in Physiological Sciences.

Samiha Ismail

Department of Statistics Prize for the best performance in Part B of the  Mathematics & Statistics degree.

Emma Williams

Gray’s Inn Chambers Prize for performance in Personal Taxation in the BCL degree.

All our students are to be congratulated for the fine effort they have put in this year and earlier in their degrees.