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Student Telethon Wins Support for Talbot Fund

Monday 12 February 2007

Our team of seven students thoroughly enjoyed their conversations with more than 300 former students (known as Old Members) from 1973-82.  As a result, almost half of those spoken to decided to pledge a gift. The Talbot Fund helps to provide bursaries and scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students and contributes to the funding of the arts, music and sports. It also assists capital projects such as the restoration of the Hall. All students benefit from the Fund in some way and we are deeply indebted to our Old Members for their generosity.

 During 2007, we look forward to welcoming Old Members from 1973-7 (16-18 March) and 1978-82 (22-24 June) for their Reunion weekends.  They will discover that whilst Keble may have changed a little in appearance since they were up, our vibrant student community is preserved and strengthened thanks to the generosity and commitment of former generations.

 Please click on the link to learn more about the aims of the Talbot Fund.