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Toynbee Hall comes to Keble.

Friday 16 March 2007

Toynbee Hall’s Young People and Families team organised for over 100 year six students from Ben Jonson and Thomas Buxton primary schools in Whitechapel to attend a university taster day at Keble College, Oxford University on 26th February and 5th March. Each child graduated in a mini ceremony at the end of the day receiving a certificate presented by Doctor Kirsten Dickers, a doctor of physics at Oxford. The ‘Oxford twinning’ days are part of a wider programme aiming to raise the aspirations of young people in Tower Hamlets.

The students attended a physics lecture by Professor Allison on the magic of physics and partook in a scavenger hunt led by Oxford undergraduates armed with disposable cameras to record their discoveries. For the ‘graduation’ each child donned a gown and mortar board cap and after receiving their certificates threw the caps up into the air in true Oxford style. They also licked their way through litres of uniquely flavoured ice-cream invented through recipe competitions at school, sponsored and then custom made by G&D’s ice-cream parlour in Oxford.

Through experiencing the academic life of university and having an introduction to all the best places undergraduates go to have fun, the trips also hopefully dispelled any negative views that young people may have about Oxford University and university in general.

Part of the programme of Toynbee Hall’s Young People and Families team aims to support young people through the transition from primary school to the very different environment of secondary school. Supporting young people at key transitional point in their lives can prevent exclusion, absence and truancy, and subsequent poor academic achievement that have been known to lead young people to engage in antisocial behaviour and become marginalised from society.

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