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Urgent: applications to Oxford and the postal strike

Thursday 11 October 2007

The following statement has been released by the University's Undergraduate Admissions Office:

Due to Royal Mail’s current and further planned industrial action, we would now encourage candidates to consider other means of sending through the Oxford Application Form, using courier or postal services that are not sent through Royal Mail processes. If the Oxford Application Form is sent by Royal Mail and is postmarked before the deadline of 15 October, the form will be considered as having been received on time. It is highly recommended that applicants make a photocopy of their Oxford Application Form for their reference before posting it, and if possible, secure a receipt indicating the date of posting. We do understand that the postal strikes may mean that some forms that have already been posted may be delayed, but, as noted above, as long as the envelope containing the Oxford Application Form has been postmarked before 15 October, then it will be considered as having arrived on time. Please note that Oxford Application Forms submitted by fax or sent through as email attachments will not be considered.

In addition, due to technical difficulties experienced with UCAS Apply, the deadline for receipt of UCAS applications for those applying to the University of Oxford has now been extended to 16 October.