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Work starts on the Acland project

Wednesday 23 March 2016

Although the main contract doesn’t start until July, enabling works are already underway at the Acland site, as this picture from a time-lapse camera mounted at the top of the Engineering building shows. Archaeologists have already excavated the ‘quad’ lawn, where only the bones of two horses and some medicine bottles were found.  They are now at work on the front drive, whilst next door in 23 Banbury Road (where the five cars are parked – this building is the one part of the site that is not included in the main project) there is a growing pile of debris from the strip-out of the upper floors.  This is because the Mobile Robotics Group will be occupying the whole building. We plan to put a second time-lapse camera in 23 Banbury Road, which should give close-up views of the project site.