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The ARCO Building

The ARCO Building, viewed across Newman Quad

The 1970s and 80s saw the gradual disappearance of the 'Oxford Landlady' who for decades had been accommodating undergraduates in rooms within walking distance of the College. In the early nineties it was decided that the College should aim to accommodate every undergraduate for a full three years (rather than two, as had been the case for most years since the War). The ARCO Building, opened on 1st July 1995, added 93 study-bedrooms.

Modern design of the ARCO BuildingDesigned by Rick Mather, the ARCO Building is one of the 'greenest' buildings in Oxford, using advanced insulation and heat exchange mechanisms to control the temperature of the building.

The ARCO building also houses several teaching rooms which open out onto a terrace and Newman quad.  These are frequently used both for tutorials and, out of term, as meeting rooms for conferences.

Map of the College

The ARCO Building and Newman Quad