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Main Gate and Porters' Lodge

The main gate is the official entrance to the College and also houses the Porters' Lodge.

The main gate and entrance to Keble

The entrance to Keble opens into Liddon Quad

The gateway and the tower above it, together with the east and west sides of Liddon Quad, were built between 1868 and 1870. Edmund Pusey, one of the founders, paid for the gateway and tower out of his own pocket, believing that the College should have at least one impressive feature from the beginning. The tower originally contained lecture rooms and a small library: it now houses two Tutorial Fellows and a seminar room.

Alongside the gateway is the Porters' Lodge, the cross-roads of the College. The Porters have wide-ranging responsibilities; from College security and health and safety to handling all College mail (averaging over 1000 items a day), booking rooms, receiving guests and generally keeping the College functioning.

College Plan

View towards the main gate across Liddon Quad