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Pusey Quad

The clock tower and Library

Pusey Quad includes, on the west side, the Pusey Room and the prominent Clocktower, and in the south-east corner, the Warden's Lodgings. Butterfield's plans envisaged the run of buildings continuing without interruption from the Main Gate to the Lodgings, but funds again ran out before the final phase, just to the north of the Lodgings, could be built. This misfortune had its plusses, however: the quad is much lighter than it would otherwise have been, there are views across to the University Museum, and the Warden is not disturbed by noisy neighbours!

Autumn in Pusey Quad

When the Warden's Lodgings were finished in 1877 their size astounded an anti-High Church newspaper, The World, which observed caustically: 'The home of asceticism and prudential sanctity has built its Warden "a lordly pleasure house"'. Nowadays only the ground and first floors are occupied by the Warden. The basement houses the Gibbs Room, used for meetings and teaching.

Pusey QuadThe eastern side of Pusey Quad contains the Bursary on the ground floor, where most of the College's administrative staff are based, while the floors above provide bedrooms to students.

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