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Sloane Robinson Building

Sloane Robinson Building and Newman Quad

The award-winning Sloane Robinson Building was opened on 5 October 2002. Rick Mather (architect of the ARCO building) was asked to design this final building using the last spare piece of land in College at the southern end of the former Fellows' Garden. The building includes a theatre, music room, seminar rooms and 20 study bedrooms.

Rick Mather designed the building to complement ARCO and used similar materials such as the slate floor, the imaginative glass panels and the formed staircases.

As with ARCO, the building incorporates features to minimise environmental impact. Heat exchangers, using water circulating in pipes embedded in the foundation piles draw winter warmth and summer cooling from the water table. The plumbing system incorporates a vacuum pump which is similar to those found on ships and aircraft which reduces water consumption.

The result has been a great success. The first two levels, at ground and lower ground, are taken up by a theatre seating an audience of up to 250. However, it also has many other uses as the seating is retractable, the staging is moveable and the oak floor is sprung, enabling it to be used for lectures, drama, cinema, exhibition area, examination hall and even a ballroom. At ground floor level is a mezzanine gallery which links the theatre to the terrace in Newman Quad.

The Douglas Price Room, used during term time as a café for all members of the CollegeOn the next floor up are the Douglas Price Room and the Andrew and Christine Hall Music Room. The Douglas Price Room is a smaller multi-purpose room; it has picture windows which look out over the Newman Quad (formerly the Fellows’ Garden), ARCO and the Butterfield buildings. The Music Room next door has been specially designed to be sound proof and is perfect for small recitals.

There are six seminar rooms on the level above the Douglas Price Room. During term the nurse and doctor have three of these rooms as a surgery and the other three are used for teaching. During the vacation, these rooms are ideal as break-out rooms or for small conferences.

Above the Seminar Rooms on two levels are 20 study bedrooms including one fitted out for wheelchair use.

College Plan

The Butterfield buildings reflected in the large windows of the Sloane Robinson Building

The Sloane Robinson Building and Newman Quad