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Dr Apala Majumdar

Co-ordinator Complexity Cluster of the ASC

Senior College Lecturer


Dr Apala Majumdar completed her undergraduate programme in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Bristol and then received a Ph.D in applied mathematics from the University of Bristol. She was Research Fellow and Tutor at Keble College from 2008-2012. She was awarded a prestigious 5-year EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellowship in 2011 and has been an active member of the Keble Advanced Studies Centre since 2012.

Research Interests

Research Interests: Dr Majumdar specializes in mathematical modelling for materials science, with special emphasis on liquid crystal science and the applications of partial differential equations and calculus of variations to industrial problems.

For anybody interested in finding out more about her current research, please contact her at

College Contact Details

Dr Apala Majumdar
Keble College
Telephone: 01865 272721
Fax: 01865 272705