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Professor Diane Purkiss

Fellow and tutor in English

Professor of English Literature


I am an English faculty member, but I’m also a published historian.

How can that be? Much of my research is about fitting texts together to make the picture of the past more complex; some of the fragments count as literature, others don’t.

Ongoing interests include early modern witchcraft and the English Civil War, on which I’ve published my two most recent books. But my current research project is on the history of food in Britain and how it affects and is affected by everything else that happens here.

I’m also one half of a published children’s author called Tobias Druitt. The other half is my daughter Alice, who is now twenty-two years old. As a result I have a renewed interest in both classical myth and in British children’s literature, especially the influence of folklore.

Because I believe very strongly that academics have a responsibility to communicate with a public beyond the walls of the university, I review regularly for the broadsheet press, and make frequent radio and occasional tv appearances. But I’d rather be in the Bodleian.

Research Interests

The history of food in England; the dissolution of the English monasteries, the court of Henry VIII and sixteenth-century religious orders; witches, wizards, fairies and ghosts; the English Civil War; writer's block; folklore; Shakespeare and other Renaissance drama; Milton; women's writing; Classical Greek influences on Renaissance literature; historiography and theorisations of history; psychoanalysis; popular culture; feminism and feminist theory; folktales and folklore; writing for children in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; writer's block and the writing process.

Future projects include a book on the writing process, from Homer to David Foster Wallace, and a series of articles on masculinity and the circulation of manuscripts in the seventeenth century, the first of which is now complete; I am also working on a microhistory of the Scottish witch, Andro Man, executed in 1597.

I also review for the TLS, the Times, the Sunday Telegraph, the Telegraph, the Independent and the Guardian, and have appeared on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour, In Our Time and on BBC and other TV.

Current Projects

Undergoing final revisions: Food in English History, ancient to present, HarperCollins, due 2017.

Recent Publications

  • 'Dining with the Tudors' in TLS - The Times Literary Supplement, 32 (2016)
  • 'Enchanting' in TLS - The Times Literary Supplement, 5 (2016)
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Academic Biography

  • Professor of English Literature (2014 - present)
  • Fellow and Tutor of English, Keble College (2000 - present)
  • Professor of English, Exeter University (1998 - 2000)
  • Lecturer in English, University of Reading (1993 - 1998)
  • Lecturer in English, University of East Anglia (1991 - 1993)

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