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Dr Fiona Ferbrache

Senior College Lecturer in Geography

Research Association Transport Studies Unit


Specialising in transport studies and intra-EU migration, I am a human geographer who has tutored at Keble College since 2011. I work also a Research Associate with the Transport Studies Unit, and a Stipendiary Lecturer at Brasenose College. As well as tutoring Geography students, I am part of the team for Human Sciences at Keble.

Research Interests

My research focuses on movements of people and is situated in the two fields of international migration and transport studies. My ongoing work on the migration and citizenship of Britons in France (examples of intra-EU migrants) explores principles of European free movement, negotiation of borders as well as socio-cultural citizenship. More recently, my work examines how Britons in France are dealing with the post-UK/EU referendum.

In transport, I specialise on urban transit systems: light rail transit and bus rapid transit, undertaking both academic and consultancy work. My interest is driven by wider social, cultural and economic impacts of these systems on cities and how they may operate alongside broader urban development strategies. This research has led to involvement in discussion for future transport strategies in Oxford.

Select Publications

Ferbrache, F. & Knowles, R.D. 2016 Generating opportunities for city sustainability through investments in light rail systems. Journal of Transport Geography 54:369-372

Knowles, R.D. & Ferbrache, F. 2015 Evaluation of economic impacts of light rail investment on cities. Journal of Transport Geography 54:430-439

Ferbrache, F. & Yarwood, R. 2015. Britons abroad or European citizens? The negotiation of (trans)national space and citizenship by British migrants in France. Geoforum 62:73-83

Knowles, R.D. & Ferbrache, F. 2014 The economic impacts on cities of investment in light rail systems for UK Tram: Birmingham: Centro

Ferbrache, F. 2013 Le Tour de France: a cultural geography of a sports mega-event. Geography 98:144-151

Ferbrache, F. 2011 British immigrants in France: issues and debates in a broadening research field. Geography Compass 5:737-749

College Contact Details

Dr Fiona Ferbrache
Keble College
Telephone: 01865 272727
Fax: 01865 272705