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Professor Nathan Eubank

The Clarendon-Laing Associate Professor in New Testament Studies

The Laing Fellow in Theology and Religion at Keble College


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Research Interests

The Letters of Paul, Synoptic Gospels, Reception of New Testament Texts in Antiquity

Recent Publications:

“Prison, Penance, or Purgatory: The Interpretation of Matthew 5.25-26 and Parallels,” New Testament Studies 64 (2018): 162-77.

“Damned Disciples: The Permeability of the Boundary between Insiders and Outsiders in Matthew and Paul,” in Perceiving the Other in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity, ed. Michal Bar Asher Siegal et al. (Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2017), 33-47.

“Justice Endures Forever: Paul’s Grammar of Generosity,” Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters 5 (2015): 169-87.

“Dying with Power: Mark 15,39 from Ancient to Modern Interpretation,” Biblica 95 (2014): 247-268.

“Ineffably Effable: The Pinnacle of Mystical Ascent in Gregory of Nyssa’s De vita Moysis,” International Journal of Systematic Theology 16 (2014): 25-41.

“Storing up Treasure with God in the Heavens: Celestial Investments in Matthew 6:1-21,” Catholic Biblical Quarterly 76 (2014): 77-92.

Wages of Cross-Bearing and Debt of Sin: The Economy of Heaven in Matthew’s Gospel. BZNW 196. Berlin/Boston: Walter de Gruyter, 2013.

“What Does Matthew Say about Divine Recompense? On the Misuse of the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard (20:1-16),” Journal for the Study of the New Testament 35 (2013): 242-262.

“Almsgiving is ‘The Commandment’: A Note on 1 Timothy 6.6-19,” New Testament Studies 58 (2012): 144-50.

“A Disconcerting Prayer: On the Originality of Luke 23:34a,” Journal of Biblical Literature 129 (2010): 521-536.

College Contact Details

Professor Nathan Eubank
Keble College
Telephone: 01865 272727
Fax: 01865 272705

Faculty/Dept. Information

Theology and Religion Faculty Centre,
Gibson Building,
Radcliffe Observatory Quarter,
Woodstock Road,
Oxford OX2 6GG.