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Professor Stephen Kearsey

Professor of Cell Biology, Department of Zoology

Tutorial Fellow in Biological Science


This page gives a summary of my research interests. For more details see my lab web pages and this DNA replication website.

Research Interests

  • Regulation of ribonucleotide reducatase activity by small molecule regulators such as Spd1
  • Understanding how genome instability is generated by defects in DNA replication components, especially abnormal DNA polymerases associated with cancer predisposition syndromes.
  • DNA replication coupled proteolysis of replication factors
  • Comparison of DNA replication in mitotic and meiotic cell cycles

Recent Publications

  • Hua, H., Ganier, O., Grega, J., Mechali, M. and Kearsey, S.E., 'Sequential steps in DNA replication are inhibited to ensure reduction of ploidy in meiosis' in Molecular Biology of the Cell, 24 (2013), 578-87
  • Palles, C. et al., 'Germline mutations affecting the proofreading domains of POLE and POLD1 predispose to colorectal adenomas and carcinomas' in Nature Genetics, 45 (2013), 136-144
  • Salguero, I. .... and Kearsey, S.E., 'Ribonucleotide reductase activity is coupled to DNA synthesis via proliferating cell nuclear antigen' in Current Biology, 22(8) (2012), 720-26
  • Pai, C.C. et al., 'Conditional inactivation of replication proteins in fission yeast using hormone-binding domains' in Methods, 57(2) (2012), 227-33
  • T. Tvegard et al., 'A novel checkpoint mechanism regulating the G1/S transition' in Genes and Development, 21 (2007), 649-54
  • Jurag Gregan et al., 'The kinetochore proteins pcs1 and mde4 and heterochromatin are required to prevent merotelic orientation' in Current Biology, 17 (2007), 1190-200
  • SE Kearsey, AL Stevenson, T Toda, SW Wang, 'Fission yeast Cut8 is required for the repair of DNA double-strand breaks, ribosomal DNA maintenance, and cell survival in the absence of Rqh1 helicase' in Molecular and Cellular Biology, 27 (2007), 1558-67
  • Emma Ralph, Erik Boye, Stephen Kearsey, 'DNA damage induces Cdt1 proteolysis in fission yeast through a pathway dependent on Cdt2 and Ddb1.' in EMBO Reports, 7 (2006), 1134-9
  • Mandana Namdar and Stephen E Kearsey, 'Analysis of Mcm2-7 chromatin binding during anaphase and in the transition to quiescence in fission yeast' in Exp. Cell Res., 312 (2006), 3360-9
  • Stephen Kearsey, Sue Cotterill, 'Enigmatic variations: divergent modes of regulating eukaryotic DNA replication' in Molecular Cell, 12 (2003), 1067-1075
  • Juraj Gregan, Karola Lindner, Lydia Brimage Roger Franklin, Mandana Namdar, Elizabeth Hart, Stephen Aves, Stephen Kearsey, 'Fission yeast Cdc23/Mcm10 functions after pre-replicative complex formation to promote Cdc45 chromatin binding' in Molecular Biology of the Cell, 14 (2003), 3876-3887
  • Karola Lindner, Juraj Gregan, Stuart Montgomery, Stephen Kearsey, 'Essential role of MCM proteins in pre-meiotic DNA replication' in Molecular Biology of the Cell, 13 (2002), 435-444
  • Stephen Kearsey, Stuart Montgomery, Karim Labib, Karola Lindner, 'Chromatin binding of the fission yeast replication factor Mcm4 occurs during anaphase and requires ORC and Cdc18' in EMBO Journal, 19 (2000), 1681-1690
  • Karim Labib, John Diffley, Stephen Kearsey, 'G1 and B-type cyclins exclude the DNA replication factor Mcm4 from the nucleus' in Nature Cell Biology, 1 (1999), 415-422

Academic Biography

  • Ciba Visiting Fellow, EMBL Heidelberg (1991 - 1992)
  • University Lecturer in Cell and Developmental Biology; Fellow of Keble College (1985 - present)
  • Beit Memorial Research Fellow, Dept of Zoology, University of Cambridge (1983 - 1985)
  • Beit Memorial Research Fellow, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge (1981 - 1983)
  • Graduate Student, University of Oxford (Supervisor: Dr Ian Craig) (1979 - 1981)
  • Graduate Student, University of California, Santa Barbara (Supervisor: Dr Ian Craig) (1978 - 1979)

College Contact Details

Professor Stephen Kearsey
Keble College
Telephone: 01865 272727
Fax: 01865 272705

Faculty/Dept. Information

Dept of Zoology
South Parks Road