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Professor Paul Jeffreys

Professorial Fellow

Director of IT Risk Management


Welcome to my Keble web page. My connection with Keble College started in the 1980s when I served as an external tutor and honorary member of the Senior Common Room. In 2001 I became a Professorial Fellow, and have since become IT Fellow and a member of the Network Research Cluster. I continue to do a small amount of tutorial teaching in physics.

As Director of IT Risk  Management for the University, my twin responsibilities are managing IT risk, and leading a programme to develop and implement information security across the collegiate University.

My blog reports some key developments.

Research Interests

Previously my research interests were in the broad field of particle physics, but they shifted to e-Research, and now to information security. I was Founding Director of the Oxford e-Research Centre - where I remain a Fellow - after spearheading the establishment of e-Research activity in the University.

In addition, I have research interests in developing principles for the appropriate management of research data. I have been Principal-Investigator and Co-Principal-Investigator on  leading projects, funded by JISC: DaMaRO, VIDaaS, and ORDS.  I believe it is important for Oxford to take a lead in providing effective training for researchers and establishing reliable procedures to safeguard the sharing, ability to discover and re-use, and the long-term storage of research data.


World Wide Research: Reshaping the Sciences and the Humanities which I edited with Professor William Dutton (Director of the Oxford Internet Institute), emerged from the e-Horizons Project (2009) that was funded by the Oxford Martin 21st Century School. The contributors to the book (including Tim Berners-Lee, founder of the World Wide Web) discuss how e-research is re-shaping not just the research process, but also its outcomes.

‘This book is perhaps the best place to start learning about trends that are reshaping research’ (Craig Calhoun, President, Social Sciences Research Council)

‘The world of research is liable to be transformed even more in the coming decade, and this book will be an invaluable tool for navigating these uncharted waters’ (Ian Miles, Professor of Technological Innovation and Social Change, University of Manchester)

Recent Publications

  • Wilson, J.A.J. and Jeffreys, P., 'Towards a Unified University Infrastructure: The Data Management Roll-Out at the University of Oxford' in International Journal of Digital Curation, 8(2) (2013), 235-46
  • Wilson, James A.J and Fraser, Michael A. and Jeffreys, Paul W. and Martinez-Uribe, Luis. An Institutional Approach to Developing Research Data Management Infrastructure. The International Journal of Digital Curation. ISSN: 1746-8256
  • Dutton, W.H. and Jeffreys, P. (eds), World Wide Research: Reshaping the Sciences and the Humanities (The MIT Press, 2010)
  • Wilson, James A.J and Fraser, Michael A. and Jeffreys, Paul W. and Martinez-Uribe, Luis and Patrick, Meriel and Mansoori, Tahir. Developing Infrastructure for Research Data Management at the University of Oxford. Ariadne Issue 65
  • The e-Science Working Group (eds Atkinson, M. and Jeffreys, P.), 'Century-of-Information Research (CIR): A strategy for research and innovation in the century of information' in Prometheus, 27 (2009), 27-45
  • Information and Communications Technology Strategic Plan, 2005-06 to 2009-10 (Executive Summary, 2007)
  • Information and Communications Technology Strategic Plan, 2005-06 to 2009-10 (Submitted for consideration by PRAC, March, 2007)
  • Geddes, N.I., Atkinson, M., Chidlow, S., Hewitt, W.T., Jeffreys, P.W., Richards, A.J., Pickles, S., Workshop on sustainability and future business models for the UK National Grid Service (CCLRC ePublication Archive (United Kingdom), 2007)
  • Ng, M. H., Johnston, S., Wu, B., Murdock, S. E.,Tai, K., Fangohr, H., Cox, S.J., Essex, J.W., Sansom, M.S.P and Jeffreys, P., 'BioSimGrid: Grid-enabled Biomolecular Simulation Data Storage and Analysis' in Future Generation Computer Systems (2006)
  • Woods, C.J., Ng, M.H., Johnston,S., Murdock, S.E., Wu, B., Tai, K., Fangohr, H., Jeffreys, P., Cox, S., Frey, J.G., Sansom, M.S.P. and Essex, J.W., 'Grid Computing and Biomolecular Simulation' in Philosophical Transactions A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 363 (2005)
  • Tai, K., Murdock, S., Wu, B., Ng, M.H., Johnston, S., Fangohr, H., Cox, S., Jeffreys, P., Essex, J. and Sansom, M., 'BioSimGrid: towards a worldwide repository for biomolecular simulations' in Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 2 (2004), 3219-3221
  • Wu, B., Dovey, M., Ng, M.H., Tai, K., Murdock, S., Fangohr, H., Johnston, S., Jeffreys, P., Cox, S., Essex, J. and Sansom, M.S.P., 'A Web/Grid Portal Implementation of BioSimGrid: A Biomolecular Simulation Database' in Journal of Digital Information Management, 2(2) (2004), 74-78
  • Gavaghan, D., Lloyd, S., Boyd, D.R.S., Jeffreys, P.W., Simpson, A.C., Randal, D.F. Mac, 'Integrative Biology—exploiting e-Science to combat fatal diseases' in Proceedings of the UK e-Science All Hands Meeting (2004)
  • Kirkland, A., Dovey, M., Cockayne, D.J.H. and Jeffreys, P., 'Remote microscopy using the grid' in Conference series-institute of Physics: Institute of Physics (2004)

Academic Biography

  • Member of UK Research Data Service Project Management Board (2010)
  • Member of organising committee for 6th Digital Curation Conference, Chicago (2010)
  • Member of organising committee for 5th Digital Curation Conference, Edinburgh (2009)
  • Member of organising committee for e-Research, Oxford (2008)
  • Member of organising committee for 4th Digital Curation Conference, Edinburgh (2008)
  • Member of the NCeSS Nodes Commissioning panel (2007)
  • Fellow of OeRC (2007 - present)
  • Director of IT (2007 - present)
  • Fellow of Oxford Internet Institute (2007 - present)
  • Member of Core e-Science Programme All Hands Meeting Programme Committee (2006)
  • Director of Oxford e-Research Centre (2006 - 2007)
  • Member of CABDyn Scientific Management Board (2005 - present)
  • Director of ICT (acting) (2005 - 2007)
  • co-Director of e-Horizons Institute (James Martin School) (2005 - present)

College Contact Details

Professor Paul Jeffreys
Keble College
Telephone: 01865 273229
Fax: 01865 272705

Faculty/Dept. Information

University of Oxford
16, Wellington Square
Oxford, OX1 2HY