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Professor Richard Darton FREng

Emeritus Professor of Engineering Science

Emeritus Fellow of Keble College


Welcome to my Keble home page. I was a Senior Research Fellow, and Tutor in Chemical Engineering at Keble.

Research Interests

My research interests include dynamic surface effects at gas/liquid interfaces - often known as Marangoni effects.

I am involved in various research projects looking at foam - how it is stabilised, and how to measure it, in surfactant and biological systems, how to destroy it when it is unwanted.

Another project is concerned with foam fractionation.We have a project looking at the use of biological systems to produce surfactant.

I am interested in the concept of Sustainable Development, and its influence on the education of engineers, and on the practice of engineering. We are studying how to measure sustainability using metrics, with examples in palm oil production, and the UK's transport system.

I am interested in water treatment, and am currently working on the problems of oestrogen in treated water.

My other interests include distillation and absorption, particularly the aspects of mass transfer and hydrodynamics.

College Contact Details

Professor Richard Darton FREng
Keble College
Telephone: 01865 272727
Fax: 01865 272705

Faculty/Dept. Information

Department of Engineering Science
Parks Road