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Dr Sarah Apetrei

Fixed Term Fellow in Ecclesiastical History

Director of Studies in Theology


Thank you for visiting this page. I am Director of Studies in Theology at Keble, and a Fellow in Ecclesiastical History associated with the Faculty of Theology.

Research Interests


My research examines early modern Christianity from a variety of perspectives: literary, social, spiritual and intellectual. I have always been attracted to the misfits and the dissenting voices, and those who imagined heaven on earth in the most startling forms. In particular, I have been drawn to the utopian and visionary expressions of feminism in seventeenth-century England, and the mystics and prophets who sought to transcend confessional politics in a Europe ravaged by religious wars. Currently, I am working on a book about this ecumenical pietism in seventeenth-century Britain, arguing that mystical theology represented a critical conversation partner in the epistemological debates which shaped the British Enlightenment.


The History and Theology of Western Christianity, 1500-1619; Calvin (Undergraduate Special Theologian Class, Michaelmas Term); The Later English Reformation (lecture series, Hilary Term); The Later English Reformation (lecture series, Hilary Term)

Recent Publications