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Graduate Welcome

Graduate Welcome

Keble accepts graduates for any postgraduate degree falling broadly within the field of interest of one of its College Fellows. We particularly welcome applications for degrees awarded on the basis of a thesis.

Please see the University website for a guide to the courses on offer, information on how to apply for graduate study, and an online application form.

Why Keble

Keble offers the opportunity to belong to a large and flourishing graduate community.

Keble is a community of men and women sustained by their shared commitment to ideals of academic excellence.  At the postgraduate level that means that we are keen to attract students from as wide a variety of backgrounds as possible studying the full range of academic disciplines.  We wish to realise the full potential of our members by providing them with frameworks of academic and social support, encouraging them to broaden their horizons by interacting with people from other disciplines.

Comprising about 250 members, the Keble graduate community is extraordinarily diverse.  Around half its members come from the United Kingdom, but the rest are drawn from all over the world.  About 10% are from the other countries of the European Union, and another 10% from North America, with a strong showing from Australasia and Asia, and a growing presence from Africa and South America.  Many of our graduate students come to us straight from their first degree courses, but others decide to undertake postgraduate study after a period at work.  Our intake therefore regularly includes people with a wide variety of professional and business backgrounds.  We admit graduates to study courses across the spectrum of academic disciplines, which means that you will overhear conversations in the MCR on topics as diverse as Renaissance women writers, international law, and medical cell biology.  Membership of our graduate body is therefore both a cosmopolitan and intellectually enriching experience.

There are opportunities for graduates to dine on High Table and take lunch in the Senior Common Room during vacations, providing further opportunities for interaction.  The six research clusters of Keble’s Advanced Studies Centre also create fora for discussion, holding regular seminars, lectures and workshops designed to reach across disciplinary boundaries.

The Middle Common Room’s suite of three large social rooms is an ideal haven from the labs or the library.  Located right in the centre of the College, the rooms were refurbished recently to a high standard.  The MCR is a place to relax, make a coffee, watch TV or chat with friends and colleagues.

In addition to the graduate scholarships there are other ways the College can help graduates financially (details available here).  There is a Student Support Fund to help meet the costs arising from unforeseen circumstances and a Graduate Fund specifically to support research costs such as conference attendance.  The Keble Association funds travel, study and arts grants for which graduates are also eligible.

Keble is a large College, with twice as many undergraduates as graduates, and all the main facilities are located on the main site.  With so many students, Keble can easily support a full range of social activities, from drama to rowing and dancesport, in which graduates a can take part.  With a gym, café, library (open 24/7) and large dining hall, the College' range of facilities is generally highly rated in annual surveys of student satisfaction.


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Keble College is currently developing a new graduate community at the H B Allen Centre.  More information is available here.