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Graduate Welcome

Graduate Welcome

From 2018 Keble is embarking on a bold new strategic venture focused around the opening of the H B Allen Centre. The Centre combines accommodation and facilities for Keble’s graduate community with space dedicated to research, innovation and entrepreneurship. Designed by award-winning architect the late Rick Mather it is one of the most exciting and significant new Oxford building projects of this century.

These new resources and facilities enable Keble to grow its graduate community from around 230 to 330 full-time graduates, plus up to 100 on part-time programmes. The College aims to build a vibrant graduate body, balancing research and taught degrees and spanning all the major divisions. The intention is to build on the success of our Advanced Studies Centre by both providing and encouraging college-based activities that add a distinct, often inter-disciplinary, element to the graduate learning experience. This is something colleges are uniquely positioned to do and Keble intends to set new standards for the University. The H B Allen Centre will underpin Keble’s commitment to offer graduates the best possible all-round experience at Oxford University.

Keble accepts graduates for any postgraduate degree falling broadly within the field of interest of one of its College Fellows. Please see the University website for a guide to the courses on offer, information on how to apply for graduate study, and an online application form.

Keble’s graduate community is already a diverse one. A slight majority of graduates are from outside the UK and at the last count, there were representatives of over 40 different nationalities. Keble is a mixed college. In recent years undergraduates have outnumbered graduates by 2:1 but with the new expansion graduates will account for over 40% of full-time students. Graduates will be able to meet in the two common rooms on the H B Allen Centre, as well as a common room on the main site where there are opportunities to also mix with undergraduates.

Many of our graduate students come to us straight from their first degree courses, but others decide to undertake postgraduate study after a period at work.  Our intake therefore regularly includes people with a wide variety of professional and business backgrounds.  We admit graduates to study courses across the spectrum of academic disciplines, which means that you will overhear conversations in the MCR on topics as diverse as Renaissance women writers, international law, and medical cell biology. Membership of our graduate body is therefore both a cosmopolitan and intellectually enriching experience.

There are opportunities for graduates to dine on High Table and take lunch in the Senior Common Room during vacations, providing further opportunities for interaction.

In addition to the graduate scholarships there are other ways the College can help graduates financially (details available here). There is a Student Support Fund to help meet the costs arising from unforeseen circumstances and a Graduate Fund specifically to support research costs such as conference attendance. The Keble Association funds travel, study and arts grants for which graduates are also eligible.

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You can view the H B Allen Centre brochure here.