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Accommodation, Food and Facilities


The College is currently developing the H B Allen Centre, which will provide 230 graduate rooms and allied facilities on a location 300 metres to the north of the main College site. The building is being completed over several phases, with the graduate centre expected to be fully operational by Hilary Term 2019.

The Centre will have its own graduate common rooms, café, gym, seminar rooms and other facilities. And, being located less than five minutes’ walk from the Parks Road site, the Centre’s graduate community also has easy access to all that the main site has to offer.

All the accommodation within the Centre is ensuite (with the exception of two sets of rooms which each can either be let as a 2-room apartment or as two single rooms with shared facilities).  67 rooms are self-contained studio apartments with their own kitchenettes: the rest of the accommodation is organised in flats of between 5 and 8 study-bedrooms, each flat having its own kitchen/dining room. All rooms have a double-bed, workspace, sitting area and storage facilities. The mix of rooms, and the rents being charged in 2018-19, are as follows.The rents for 2019-20 will be announced by end of March 2019.

Room types

Number of units

Number of rooms

Daily rent

Quarterly rent

Annual rent













5-room flats






6-room flats






7-room flats






8-room flats






Shared ensuite






All rooms are wheelchair accessible and 13 are configured for use by residents with a disability. The shared ensuite rooms and 16 of the studio rooms can be linked to form 2-room apartments for partnered accommodation, but the Centre is not able to provide accommodation for children.

Rooms are available to full-time students on either a 9-month or a 12-month tenancy, and those opting for a 9-month tenancy may extend their contract for up to a further three months in order to fit in with the requirements of their course, provided sufficient notice is given. We aim to offer all incoming graduates accommodation, although this is subject to the number of graduates arriving and seeking college accommodation. Thereafter preference is given to second-year, then third-year graduates. We are planning that all graduates on research degrees can be resident for at least their first two years. Potential applicants may wish to check on the situation with the H B Allen Centre Manager when they apply. Rooms for incoming graduates are allocated by the H B Allen Centre Manager, though incoming students may express a preference for type of room. Second, third and fourth-year students choose their room by a ballot system operated by the MCR.

Subject to one caveat, the College aims to offer accommodation at the Centre to all graduate students on part-time modular courses for all the time that they are required to be in Oxford. To be sure of a room at the Centre, students are encouraged to reserve accommodation annually in advance. Such guaranteed bookings are available for Sunday night to Friday night inclusive in each week of Oxford coursework, and students may book additional nights at either end of a residential week (or, indeed, at any other time) up to a month in advance, subject to availability. The rate per night is £75, subject to review in July 2019 and annually thereafter.

The one caveat is that if two cohorts of graduates on modular part-time courses are in Oxford in the same week, one of them may have to make alternative arrangements, although during July, August and September it may sometimes be possible to accommodate both cohorts. The College intends to plan admissions for modular courses so as to avoid such clashes as far as possible. Any potential accommodation problem would be identified well in advance and we would seek to resolve it in a way that is fair to all.

The College is fully networked and all rooms have ethernet connection points. Almost all areas of the Centre are wifi accessible.


In addition to the study-bedroom kitchen facilities, HBAC will have a café serving coffee, snacks and light meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are also available in the main College Hall on the Parks Road site (four minutes’ walk from HBAC).

Middle Common Room

The Middle Common Room (MCR) is two things: a suite of rooms on the main College site and at the H B Allen Centre exclusively for graduate use and the term used to describe graduates as a collective.

The common room facilities include: a TV room with a 52” HD television, Sky HD and a Blu-Ray player; a Nintendo Wii, pool table, table football, a computer and a cellar stocked regularly with beer, sodas, chocolate, crisps and other snack foods which can be charged to battels; a wood panelled reading room with comfortable sofas, chairs and an open fireplace which is often lit in the winter.

The elected MCR committee is responsible for organizing social events. The MCR welfare officers host brunch every Saturday morning at 11am as well as tea and cakes every Sunday at 4pm. These events are free and therefore usually very well attended and are an excellent opportunity to catch up with your friends and take a respite from your busy schedule. The MCR Committee organises many social and cultural events, including formal guest dinners, exchange dinners with other colleges, theme parties, arts-related trips and activities as well as nights out.

Graduates are represented on the College’s main committees, including its Governing Body, through MCR Committee Officers.

Sport and Recreation Facilities

The College’s sports ground is a 20 minute walk north of the main site on the Woodstock Road. In the summer Cricket is played and the sports ground offers two artificial cricket nets and two grass nets.  Other team sports, notably rugby and hockey, are played in the University Parks, opposite the main site. College members have use of a squash court off-site.

The College has two boat houses, one on the banks of the Isis (Thames) in amongst the main college boathouses, and another on the Isis at Godstow.  There are opportunities for novices to begin rowing in eights.

In addition, graduates can make use of the University’s sport facilities, many of which are located at the Iffley road site 10-15 minutes from Keble.

Keble’s main site also has a library, music room, theatre, gym, bar and café, in addition to the Middle Common Room suite.

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