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Advanced Studies Centre

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The Keble Advanced Studies Centre provides an exciting, new structure and facilities to promote the exchange of ideas between different academic specialisms. Its purpose will be to bring together expertise from across the world, especially through the stimulation of research clusters and networks: collaborative relationships between researchers with different backgrounds but focused on common problems. Utilising the unique structure of an Oxford College to draw upon techniques, insights or models from one area of academic study and apply them to others, our research clusters will bring down disciplinary boundaries generating new ideas and innovative solutions.

Research Clusters

Through some initial philanthropic gifts in support of this academic vision, several research clusters have already developed, including Relics, Networks, Complexity, Creativity and Medieval & Renaissance studies.

Senior Research Visitors

The Keble Advanced Studies Centre will support and subsidise the visits – of varying lengths, from a week to a term – of world-leading thinkers, who will be keen to promote collaboration across conventional academic boundaries especially in seeking to resolve global problems. Such individuals may be established academics, but will also be drawn from the worlds of business, the professions, the arts and the media.