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Academic Resources

Fellows and Lecturers

The main academic resource of the College is the body of tutors and researchers.  There are around 40 Fellows, who are permanent academics; Tutorial Fellows have specific responsibilities for teaching their subjects and for organising undergraduate learning. There are a also further 40 lecturers who provide additional teaching in the subjects Keble offers. During their three of four years study, all undergraduates will also be tutored by academics at other colleges and from their departments.

Keble has a policy of having two full-time Fellows per subject (there are one or two exceptions).  Supported by lecturers, this means that each subject is well-resourced.


At the heart of the intellectual life of Keble, the Library is open 24/7 and 365 days per year. Bringing many disciplines together in one place, the Library is there to service the information needs of its members and embodies the expertise and research interests of the College.

Housed in a single site in Liddon Quad, the Upper Library is one of the finest examples of Victorian Gothic architecture in the country and the more recent refurbishment of the lower Library has won awards for its design. With over 40,000 books, the Library aims to cover the core needs of all of the undergraduate subjects offered by the College and some of the taught graduate courses. Collections are constantly updated at the suggestion of the College tutors and students are encouraged to recommend books. Most books are available for loan. The Library boasts also a particularly fine collection of early manuscripts, which are consulted by scholars from all over the world.

Staffed from 9am-7pm, Monday to Thursday and 9am-5pm on Friday, the Library has space for 100 readers. Members of staff are on hand to help with searching the catalogue, the use of electronic resources, understanding search results or renewing books. In addition to formal induction sessions at the beginning of the year, individual training sessions can be provided.

The Keble Night Learn Centre is open from 6.00-11.00pm on Monday and Wednesday evenings during term in the Douglas Price Room. It provides an informal learning space for study, discussion and group work.

For more information about the Keble library, see the library pages under 'About Keble'.

For more in-depth research, Oxford has an unrivalled collection of libraries to cater for every need. Keble is immediately adjacent to the Radcliffe Science library and is conveniently located for the University’s Bodleian Library and the many faculty libraries.

Computers and Internet Access

Each student room in College is fitted with a network socket.  This gives students the ability to plug their own computer into the College network and gain access to laser printers, file servers, University facilities and direct connection to the Internet.  Students' machines are seamlessly installed onto the network via a registration page and the College IT Department will help you with any problems getting onto the network and will provide anti-virus software.  Also, many areas of the College, including the Café, have wifi access. Email is the normal mode of written communication within the College, and so students are strongly encouraged to bring their own computers to attach to the network.

For those who do not bring their own computers, Keble has a computer room containing machines which run typical application software including word processing, email, graphical editing and numerical analysis.  Access to the central library facilities and online databases is also possible.  The computer room also contains a high quality laser printer, for which students are charged on a per-page basis.  All computers are networked to a central file server and full access to the Internet for email, world-wide web, file transfer etc.



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