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Accommodation and Food


Keble has 379 rooms for undergraduates on its main Parks Road site. 245 rooms are ensuite and the majority of the rest share one bathroom between two study-bedrooms. The College is thus able to offer accommodation on its main site to all undergraduates in their first, second and third years, but some students on four-year courses may have to live out in their final year. Rooms for first-year undergraduates are allocated by the Accommodation Manager, though incoming students may express a preference for type of room. Second-year and third-year students choose their room by a ballot system operated by the JCR. Modern Languages students and those in other subjects with a compulsory year abroad who study or work abroad during year 3 will be guaranteed accommodation in their fourth year.

Rooms are available to view on the College Open Days.

The rooms in Liddon, Pusey and Sloane Robinson are organized along corridors, whilst those in Hayward and DeBreyne are on staircases. The 93 ARCO rooms which are reserved for third year students, consist of nine shared-ensuite apartments and flats of 10-12 ensuite rooms; each flat has a large equipped kitchen/common room.

Because it is important for students to have as clear an idea as possible of the likely costs of their course, Keble fixes room rents for all three years and publishes them in advance of offers of places being made. Whilst the standard of the rooms is uniformally high (as is recognised in the annual survey of student satisfaction levels, where Keble is routinely placed in the top five) not all rooms are the same. They differ in bathroom facilities (ensuite vs shared), size (large vs standard) and aspect (quad facing vs street facing). The mix of rooms for each year is as follows:

Accommodation stock available for undergraduates

Totals 1st Yr 2nd Yr 3rd Yr
379 128 126 125
Ensuite Large Quad 34 5 27 2
Ensuite Large Street 12 5 7 0
Ensuite Regular Quad 115 34 50 31
Ensuite Regular Street 84 18 24 42
Shared Large Quad 34 0 2 32
Shared Large Street 1 0 1 0
Shared Regular Quad 86 66 10 10
Shared Regular Street 13 0 5 8


In each year, the rent for a shared room is 5% lower than that for an ensuite room; the rent for a regular room is 5% lower than that for a large room; and the rent for a street-facing room is 5% lower than that for a quad-facing room. Thus, at the extremes, the rent for a shared, regular, street-facing room will be 15% lower than that for an ensuite, large, quad-facing room.

The annual rents for undergraduates starting their courses in 2018 are as follows:

1st Yr
2nd Yr
3rd Yr
9 mth
3rd Yr
3 term
Ensuite Large Quad 5,036 5,081 6,210 4,185
Ensuite Large Street 4,784 4,827 - -
Ensuite Regular Quad 4,784 4,827 5,900 4,253
Ensuite Regular Street 4,532 4,573 5,589 4,030
Shared Large Quad - 4,827 5,900 4,253
Shared Large Street - 4,573 - -
Shared Regular Quad 4,532 4,573 5,589 4,030
Shared Regular Street - 4,319 5,279 3,806


First and second year tenancies are for three terms of 9 weeks’ duration. Third year students may choose between a three-term and a nine-month contract.

The College is fully networked and all rooms in College have ethernet connection points. Almost all areas of College are wifi accessible.


Keble provides breakfast, lunch and dinner in Hall every day (with brunch on the weekends). Meals are self-service, except for Formal Hall dinners three nights per week. There are no upfront charges for meals, which are charged on a student card, with costs payable after the end of each term. There are no set breakfast, brunch, lunch or informal dinner charges. For these meals each item is charged individually, with the average cost of a lunch around £3.00 (see average meal costs under Money Matters.

The quality and quantity of the menus are areas where students can provide very direct feedback to those responsible for their preparation. Effective feedback leads to better meals and Keble has acquired a good reputation in this area among the undergraduates.

As well as the dining hall, Café Keble is open all day during term in the Sloane Robinson Building for drinks, sandwiches and light snacks and our Pizza Bar The Red Brick Oven is open from 9.30am - 9.30pm every day during term.

Temporary arrangements during Hall and Servery works

From the 8th October 2018 to 10th March 2019 the Hall will be closed for major works to enlarge the servery, clean the walls and timber panelling in the Hall and improve the lighting. During this period ‘Hall’ meals will be served in the Sloane Robinson Building and Café Keble will move to the College bar, with extended opening hours.

Keble is signed up to the
Student Accommodation Code

Keble Undergraduate Room Types

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