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Pastoral and Health Care

Most students get through their time in College without any serious problems but it would be unusual for there to be no moments of anxiety or concern in three or four years.  There are many sources of support and care, some more formal than others. Although not flawless, Oxford University has a very low drop-out rate. Full details of the college support team are available here.

Friends made through one’s subject, staircase, societies or just meeting in the JCR are an important source of support.  Keble adds to this by a system of college ‘parents’.  Every incoming student has two designated ‘parents’ in the year above them (generally a ‘father’ and a ‘mother’), one of which will be from the same subject.  Students can also turn to trained peer supporter members and Welfare Officers of the Junior Common Room, who can listen and offer advice.

The system of college tutors means that every student has at least one, and sometimes more, academics who have among their responsibilities, the academic and pastoral well-being of their students. Small year groups, generally between 4 and 10, means that tutors are more able to provide close support where needed. In addition, every undergraduate has an alternative personal tutor, a fellow from a different subject who can be approached in confidence.

Sometimes, however, students will wish to turn elsewhere for help with problems which might be health-related, family-related, personal, emotional, or financial.  The College provides support at a variety of levels for students who wish to discuss problems.

As regards health matters, students are encouraged to register with the College Doctors, though they may register with any practitioner of their choice.   In addition the College Nurse is available most weekdays during term-time.

For other concerns, especially those where some specific advice might be required there are a number of college officers with responsibility for care and support: the Dean, Junior Deans, the Senior Tutor, the Bursar, or the Warden.  The Chaplain/Welfare Fellow is there to provide confidential advice and support to all students, regardless s of whether they profess a faith. The Chapel is a focus of communal religious life, welcoming Christians and enquirers of all traditions and backgrounds.

Aside from College provision the University has its own Counselling Service which may be approached directly.