In 2017, the College re-established the admission of applicants to read Music. One of these students will normally be the organ scholar.

Keble College has a distinguished record of musical activity dating back to its foundation.  The Organ Scholarship has always been a natural focus of its musical life and has provided the starting-point for many distinguished careers, amongst them those of Henry Ley (1906-9), Sir Thomas Armstrong (1916-19), Sydney Watson (1922-5), Ralph Downes (1925-8), the pianist Joseph Cooper  (1931-4) and the conductor Meredith Davies (1940,1945-7).  More recently prominence has been achieved by David Owen Norris (1972-76), Jeremy Filsell (1982-85), Charles Hazlewood (1986-1989) and by several other former organ scholars who have entered the world of cathedral music. There are also 12-16 Choral Awards and these singers contribute fully to the musical life of the Chapel and College. Please click here for further details about Choral and Organ Awards. The admissions procedure is described in the current issue of the Undergraduate Prospectus and in the Faculty of Music website.

The Music course at Oxford is fully described in the Undergraduate Prospectus. It is designed to cover a broad range of musical history, analysis, performance and to enable all students to acquire a certain skill in traditional techniques of composition. An undergraduate may choose to specialise in a particular period of musical history, or a traditional style of composition at a more advanced level. In addition there are such options available as orchestration, analysis, composition, the writing of a research paper, and solo performance, and a whole range of special subjects including Eastern or Western chant, musical literature, instruments, jazz, electronic music and acoustics.

The course is taught through the traditional medium of tutorials and lectures.  Instrumental tuition can be provided as part of the course, and the College is able to encourage and advise in this respect. The College's Lecturer in Music, Matthew Martin, specialises in Composition and Techniques of Composition as well as Performance Studies.

The college library has an extensive and expanding Music section. As will be already apparent, the large Chapel is a focus for much of the College's musical life, while the attractive Music Room with its grand piano is used for practice and for informal concerts.  The Music Society annually arranges a number of chamber and orchestral concerts, most of them given by undergraduates. The annual Keble Early Music Festival is also a fixture - last year it featured a performance of Bach's B Minor Mass with the College Choir and Instruments of Time & Truth. The College has much to offer as a framework for musical activity of all kinds; much of it organised by the undergraduates themselves.


Approximate yearly intake Keble: 2
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Matthew Martin is Fellow by Special Election and Director of Music