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Keeping in touch

Role of Development Office, contact details of personnel, publications, Directory, Events

The Alumni and Development Office keeps in touch with all Alumni and welcomes any news relating to new jobs, marriages, children, books and papers published, and changes of address. We are also very happy to put Alumni in touch with one another if they have lost contact.

All Alumni for whom the College holds a current address will receive a copy of the termly newsletter, the brick, and the Keble Review and Record in November.

Events are organised throughout the year for Old Members.

The Alumni and Development Office has set up a successful Year Group structure for each of the years since 1945.

Personal Information Form

Over 8,000 former Keble students live and work all over the world. In order for us to provide you with the benefits and networking services made possible by being part of this community it is important that our information is up to date and reliable. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Please take a few minutes to complete and return this form to the Alumni & Development Office.


Your responses will help us to:

  • Keep your contact details current and accurate in our database
  • Gather feedback to develop future activities and initiatives that interest you
  • Build up a picture of the activities and careers of our alumni
  • Develop our alumni relations and fundraising programme

Thank you in advance for updating your information. Should you have any queries please contact the Alumni and Development Office

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