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2003-07 Reunion

Saturday 20 September 2014 from 11:00 AM


2003-07 Reunion

The once in every five-year reunion to catch up with large numbers of contemporaries!  Invitations to matriculation years of 2003 - 2007 inclusive were sent out by email and post (to those for whom we do not have email addresses) in July.

In consultation with the 2003-07 Year Group Representatives the decision was made to invite 2003-07 Old Members only, without their partners, unless of course they were at Keble too!

Booking for the 2003-07 Reunion is online.  You will need to register for a Keble Alumni Online Account before booking into the Reunion. To register for an Alumni account you will need your Alumni number (which starts '8-...........').  The Alumni number is the same as the one on the University Alumni card which was issued to you as Finalists.  Please email the Alumni and Development Office if you do not know, or have forgotten your Alumni number.  To register for a Keble Alumni Online account click here.

If you have a Keble Alumni Online account already and would like to book into the 2003-07 Reunion now, you can do so here.

2003-2007s wishing to come to College on Friday night can book into rooms and Dinner in Hall online.

Alternatively, a Booking Form for the 2003-07 Reunion can be downloaded here

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Ending on: Sun 21 Sep 2014

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