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Entrepreneurs' Evening

Tuesday 24 October 2017 at 6:15 PM

Our series of Entrepreneurs' Evenings continues with an Oxford Sciences Innovation special with talks from:

  • David Norwood (1988)
  • Bo Jing (2013)
  • Piotr Orlowski (2006)

David Norwood is the founder of the IP Group and Director of Oxford Sciences Innovation (OSI). Since its launch, OSI has been a major catalyst for the upsurge of innovative activity around the University, investing and advising spin-out companies.

Oxford NanoImaging (ONI), led by co-founder Bo Jing, has developed a super-resolution microscope, supported by OSI. Piotr Orlowski leads the image and data analysis effort at ONI.

OSI, and their spin-outs, will be based at Keble's HB Allen centre from October 2018.

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Event Details:
Date and Time: Tuesday 24 October 2017 from 6.15 pm
Venue: Smith & Williamson, 25 Moorgate, London EC2R 6AY
Guests:Members and guests welcome
Price: £10
Booking Deadline: Friday 20 October 2017

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6.15pm        Reception
7.00pm        Presentations and Q&A
8-9.00pm     Networking

“This is the reason I love these evenings. We share an incredible experience at Keble - 3 intense years together. Then we disappear off into the world, go and do astonishing things: set-up businesses in far flung corners of the world; develop new technologies; ride the entrepreneurial roller-coaster of success, failure and growth. These evenings give us the chance to come back together and share a snapshot of those experiences with each other. It gives the opportunity for connection, to see that we’re not alone in that journey, and to be inspired by one another.“

- Andrew Clayton (1995)

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Ending at: 9:30 PM

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