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Fundraising Summary

Phase one and two

1 August 2008 was our starting point for the 12 year Anniversary Campaign to 2020 – the 150th anniversary year.

Phase One 2008 - 2012

During Phase One the resources were made available for us to increase fundraising activity. The Talbot Fund was already in full swing ably supported by our Year Group Reps. The results were encouraging:

  • Our annual participation increased from 20% to 24%;
  • The Talbot Fund generated £3.3m, Major Gifts (donations >£10,000) generated £8.7m including the first six and seven figure gifts for the Acland project and some major commitments in support of the academic mission;
  • Overall c£12m raised.


Phase Two 2012 – 2016

During this phase we endowed the Law Fellowship raising £1.2m and continued to make progress with the Talbot Fund generating gifts and pledges of £4.6m. Participation also increased with the 50-50 challenge, and the launch of the Talbot Society and the Leavers’ Gift. The results were transformational:

  • Major gifts: one pledge of £5m from an individual OM and the £25m pledge from the H B Allen Charitable Trust. Major gifts over this 4 year period totalled £34m;
  • Phase Two total of £38.6m.


The cumulative result of the 8 years of Phases One and Two is £50.8m raised: £42.8m from major gifts, £8m from the TF.

Phase Three 2016 – 2020

Year one of Phase Three has seen us raise just under £5 million in new funds, including £1.5 million from the Talbot Fund.

Overall the Campaign total is £55.7 million with £45.5 million from major gifts and £10.1 million from the Talbot Fund.


The number of Keble alumni supporting the College has increased significantly in recent years and is consistently higher than the average for all Oxford colleges.


The red line shows that the proportion of Keble alumni who have ‘ever’ made a gift has increased from 34% to 55% since 2008. The Oxford College Average (OCA) is 30%.

In the same period our annual participation has risen from 20% to 30%. The OCA figure stands at 12.9%.

Keble is now consistently in the top 5 colleges for participation.

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