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Legacy Giving

Legacy Giving

The Douglas Price Society

A decision to leave a legacy to Keble is a very important one. It attests to your commitment to all that Keble stands for and creates a lasting memorial to that commitment. Membership of the Society is open to all, Old Members and Keble Friends alike, who have signified their intention to make a bequest to the College. An annual event is held to thank Society members and to keep them up to date with Keble news and plans for the future.

Membership of the Society is open to all, Old Members and Keble Friends alike, who have signified their intention to make a bequest to the College

If you would like information about leaving Keble a legacy and the related tax benefits involved in doing so, please contact the Alumni & Development Office and ask for a copy of the Society’s brochure alternatively a pdf copy can be found here.

Since its beginnings in 2006 the Society has grown to 240 members. We would be delighted to welcome you as the next new member.

A message from the President – Andrew Pengelly (1961)

PengellyFounded in 1870 Keble is now one of the largest and most successful of the Oxford colleges.  Keble remains true to its founders’ intentions “to extend access to the University more widely, with a continuing commitment to inclusiveness”. Admission to the then new college was to depend on neither class nor wealth; that is still true today.

For generations of students Keble has helped make their time at University enjoyable and important, and for my generation it was free of cost to ourselves and our families. But present and future generations will not be so fortunate without our support. Douglas Price fully understood this and having devoted his life to the College his residual legacy made a substantial contribution to the Sloane Robinson Building.

So I invite you to add your name to the long and honourable list of donors and like my predecessor Andreas Whittam Smith, do as I have done - become a member of the Douglas Price Society by making a bequest to the College in your will. Such support enables Keble to continue its commitment to inclusiveness and the highest of standards.

By way of appreciation members of the Society and their guests are invited to an enjoyable event in College each year. I urge you to join and look forward to welcoming you as a member.

Note from the new Vice President – Jackie Newbury (1979)

NewburyI had been a student of Douglas Price when I read history, and thought the link to him as well as leaving the College a bequest made a great deal of sense. Being one of the first women undergraduates to enter Keble I am delighted to see more women members of the Society playing their part in supporting the College. Our intention is that the Douglas Price Society will come to reflect the diverse body of students from around the world.

My various career roles see me meeting people in the EU and Africa and it is always special to come across a Keble Old Member. There is no barrier to joining the Society: a written letter of intent (not legally binding I might add) to making the College a beneficiary in your will is sufficient to gain membership. The Society merely wishes to celebrate the College and the positive academic and social contribution it has made and continues to make in our lives and our wish to protect and nurture the College’s present and future.

The President and I hope to increase the Society’s membership across the breadth and depth of the Old Membership. We welcome your views, so do make contact via the Alumni & Development Office.

Douglas Price

Douglas Price