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Room Sponsorship

As part of our 150th Campaign College Room Sponsorship initiative, all gifts of £2,500+ (£2,000 plus Gift Aid) are eligible for room naming rights. Gifts may be made as a one-off donation or spread over several years. We will be delighted to contact you to ascertain your room number when you make a qualifying gift.

Sponsor your old College room and create a room history

As we embark on this final phase of the 150th Anniversary Campaign, we are launching a new initiative, which we hope will build on Keble’s fundamental values of community and involvement, and create a room history for future students. By working together, we hope to raise 20% of the overall target and give all our alumni and friends of the College the opportunity to be involved with the 150th anniversary, while creating a lasting connection to Keble and the future cohorts of students, Fellows and staff. The initiative is designed to continue for years to come.

The Initiative

To offer naming rights on student rooms in all areas of the main College site: Liddon, Pusey, Hayward, de Breyne, Arco and Sloane Robinson. Across these quads and buildings, the College has 300 student rooms. The sponsors’ names, subjects and matriculation dates will be listed on a plaque (brass or stainless steel) immediately outside the room.

Former graduate students may wish to mark their time at Keble by sponsoring one of the new study bedrooms at the H B Allen Centre.

The Aim

By offering the naming rights to multiple alumni, we hope to generate £3 million towards our £15 million target.

The Donation

A donation of £2,500 could be made either as a single gift £2,000 + £500 Gift Aid (for UK tax payers), or spread over 5 years with monthly donations of £33.33 + Gift Aid, or over 10 years with monthly donations of £16.66 + Gift Aid. Donors can choose the mechanism, amount and duration of their gift to suit their situation. Alumni with existing regular donations to the Talbot Fund can elect to direct their support to this project, and if necessary upgrade the value of their monthly donation rather than set up an additional direct debit. We welcome donations from alumni and friends overseas and will be happy to work with you to arrange the gift processing, amounts and timing.

The Process

Most alumni had at least two rooms in College during their time at Keble. Let us know which room you would like to ‘sponsor’. On receipt of the final payment, we will add your name, year of matriculation and subject to the plaque. The first plaques will be produced in 2020- 21 and will be added to periodically. Of course if you wish to sponsor more than one room please call us to discuss a discount!

The Impact

By donating via the room naming initiative, donors can select which element of the Talbot Fund they prefer to support.

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