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Kitchen / Hall Project

£3m needed to fund the Hall Project

The rolling programme of careful refurbishment and modernisation of the accommodation in Liddon and Pusey quads, and the recent painstaking works to repair the Hall floor and to return the ceiling to its former glory, attest to the value we place on the fabric and heritage of our Butterfield buildings.

Built in 1877, the Hall and Library complex represents one of the key elements of Butterfield’s masterplan and today the Hall remains at the heart of Keble. The Hall Project encompasses a new kitchen and servery, and the completion of the refurbishment of the Hall itself. The current arrangements for the preparation and serving of meals in Hall present serious challenges for our hard working staff; their ability to provide over 45,000 meals a year for students, staff, Fellows and guests is being compromised by operational and logistical shortcomings of the existing layout of facilities.

Working closely with a team of specialist consultants to ensure that the integrity of the Grade 1 listed building is preserved, a project scheme costing £2.5 million has been devised which will:

  • locate a new kitchen on a new mezzanine floor at ground level
  • generate space at the basement level (where the kitchen is currently located) for kitchen-support functions and storage
  • install a second catering lift
  • enlarge the Hall Servery to allow a through flow of diners.

While the kitchen project is being carried out, the Dining Hall will not be in use, presenting an ideal opportunity to complete the much needed maintenance and refurbishment works.

The intention is to:

  • clean and refurbish the oak panelling and oak flooring
  • complete the laying of the new floor tiles
  • clean and repair the walls y redesign the lighting
  • return the tables and benches to the original 12–table layout.


The College is committed to preserving the original Victorian buildings while developing the facilities.

The refurbishment works have been costed at £500,000. It is our objective to achieve this project in time for the anniversary celebrations in 2020, but to do so we need your support.

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Kitchen staff at work 1933

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