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Student Support

Outreach, Bursaries, Scholarships

We seek your support to enable us to continue to make a Keble education accessible for all. Keble aims to raise a further £8.75m to support prospective and current students at undergraduate and graduate level. We are seeking donor support for the following projects

Undergraduate Bursaries and Hardship – to raise a further £3.6m to add to the endowment funding undergraduate bursaries and students in need. The Oxford Bursary Scheme makes means-tested awards to those incoming undergraduates who might regard the rising cost of studying at University as a significant deterrent. The costs of providing this support are divided between the University and the colleges. Keble currently spends £135,000 per year on bursary support, only £44,000 of this comes from the existing endowment. The rest is funded in part by donations and in part by the College’s operating budget. Some students also experience financial difficulties during their studies for reasons beyond their control. Through donations from alumni we are able to offer a helping hand.

Graduate Scholarships – to raise a further £5m to increase our endowment for graduate scholarships and to fund full and partial scholarships across all subject areas. On average, the current cost for a graduate student is £30,000 per year. Our objective is to increase the funds available for graduate scholarships to encourage the best students from the UK, EU and overseas to apply to Keble and the most talented Keble students who achieve a first class degree at undergraduate level to stay on. By 2018 the H B Allen Centre will be ready for the first cohort of graduate students. We have to increase the funding available to be able to compete with the best international institutions and attract the best scholars

Outreach Activity – to raise another £150,000 to enhance and develop our outreach work in our target area of the West Midlands. Our Outreach Officer works with schools, teachers and pupils to attract, encourage and guide the brightest applicants, regardless of their circumstances and familiarity with the admissions process.

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