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Keble's most famous illuminated manuscript

Tuesday 29 April 2008

Keble MS 49, a 13th century illuminated manuscript known as the Regensburg Lectionary, was the subject of a unique event on 25th April. Professor Jeffrey Hamburger of the Department of History of Art and Architecture at Harvard lectured at Keble to an audience of experts and was able to compare this manuscript with MS Douce 185, which had been specially brought from the Bodleian to Keble for the occasion. The Regensburg Lectionary is a very early example of this kind of book and  contains Gospel readings for liturgical use. It was made for a community of Dominican nuns in Regensburg, Germany, whose convent of the Holy Cross still exist in Regensburg today. The Lectionary went on loan in 2001 to Passau and in 2005 to Bonn, but Professor Hamburger's lecture was a unique occasion when for the first time the Bodleian came to Keble. We are very grateful to Almut Sauerbaum, Martin Kauffman and Margaret Sarosi for organising the event and making this extraordinary occasion possible.