O'Reilly Theatre

Student drama productions at Keble


The O’Reilly Theatre opened its doors in October of 2002. It is a 181 capacity theatre which performs up to four student productions every term. It has been excellently technically equipped with options for video projection as well as extensive lighting and sound equipment available to productions. We aim to offer a high quality diverse season each student term and wish to encourage any applications for hiring the theatre space in the future.

For more information, including this Term's performances please go to the dedicated O'Reilly Theatre website.

Performances: Tues-Fri, 7:30, Sat 2:30, 8:00

How to get to the O’Reilly

The Entrance to the theatre is on BLACKHALL ROAD at the rear of Keble College in the North of Oxford. The easiest way to reach Blackhall Road is to turn into the Lamb and Flag passage from St Giles.

Terms of Hire

The Keble O’Reilly Theatre is managed by the Martin Esslin Society of Keble College. The Society invites applications in 5th week of the student term and interviews are held the weekend between 5th and 6th weeks.  In Michaelmas and Hilary terms productions are held between 3rd to 7th weeks and in Trinity term between 3rd to 6th weeks.  There is a Technician's fee and a charge for maintenance when booking space. Funding can be obtained from the Martin Esslin Society for productions which take place in the O’Reilly Theatre.

Due to the O’Reilly’s flexible seating arrangement the theatre is also suitable for other events such as concert performances and dance performances. Non-student companies are also welcome to apply; however, there is a hire fee applicable.

In order to receive further information on how to apply for a slot, please e-mail the MES Secretary, Robyn Bower-Morris at robyn.bower-morris@keble.ox.ac.uk.

Committee members from 2016 are:

President - Ell Potter

Secretary - Robyn Bower-Morris

Director of Development - Matthew Roberts

Treasurer - Edward Armstrong

Marketing Manager - Henry Farr

Assistant Technician - Sam Littley