Introductory information about student sports teams at Keble

Sport plays an important part in the lives of many Keble students.  There are many student-run clubs representing all major University sports, and numerous minor ones, with teams catering for all levels of experience and commitment.  There's a chance for everyone to get involved: seasoned players are able to shine and beginners can try out new activities in a welcoming, easily accessible environment.  At the upper level, many Keble teams make the top division and consistently compete for league and cuppers (inter-Collegiate sporting competition) honours.

Many Colleges in Oxford are forced, due to lack of numbers or ability, to join ranks with one another to operate effective sporting clubs. Significantly, Keble is able to keep the vast majority of its clubs 'in house' and often manages to enter not just one, but two, teams into the most popular sporting events. This gives valuable opportunities for more people to get involved, representing exclusively Keble, whilst also aiding the social side of sport. The College is well-known for its sense of solidarity and team spirit!

In addition, a number of Keble students compete at University level, playing in league and Varsity matches that range from rugby union to netball, waterpolo to lacrosse. A 'blues fund' is provided each year to aid sportsmen and women in meeting financial costs that inevitably accrue from playing at an elite level.

The College is well equipped with sports facilities, with its own sports ground on Woodstock Road, a boat house on the banks of the Isis as well as one at Godstow, and an on-site College gym.  The College is situated across the road from the University Parks, which provides further facilities in close proximity to the College.

Keble has a vibrant sporting scene which is inclusive, fun and friendly, and which has also seen significant success over the years.

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