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Keble Blues Fund

Keble Blues Fund

Blues Fund - University Sports & Activities


1.                 The College acknowledges that those junior members who play sport at the University level often incur considerable additional expenditure.  It is not possible to seek to reimburse all such expenditure but some contribution is made from the Junior Members Activities’ Budget by way of the Blues Fund.  It is not a condition of applying for funding from this scheme that you should be awarded a Blue.  Any representation at University level will suffice.

2.                The procedure for allocation of the Fund is as follows:

2.1              The type of expenditure normally covered/not covered is indicated below:

Items of expenditure normally covered

  • sports equipment - bats, hockey sticks, footballs etc. 
  • competition entry fees
  • hire of facilities: court time etc.
  • refereeing payments
  • teas required by the regulations for cricket & tennis league matches
  • travel (if required) outside Oxford; NOT taxis to sports grounds within Oxford

Items of expenditure NOT normally covered: 

kit/clothing, including any team strips and club uniforms (Blues blazers etc.) refreshments, including training meals

If any items on this list appear in a claim, they will simply be deleted.  Any items not on either list will be left to the discretion of the Senior Treasurer whose decision will be final.

2.2              NB. Receipts must be obtained for all claims which may be made.  No application for reimbursement will be accepted without a receipt.  If receipts are not available, a letter in support may be accepted as evidence of expenditure, but only if it is signed by the Senior Member for the University sport in question.  Such letters will not be accepted and the claims in question will not be processed, if it is signed by another junior member.

2.3               By no later than the end of Week 6 in Trinity Term, a claim must be submitted to the Senior Treasurer, along with supporting receipts.  There is no application form.  A short letter setting out the items claimed for and the total amount will suffice.

2.4               The allocation of the Blues Fund is at the discretion of the Senior Treasurer but, ordinarily, it will be allocated on the following basis: (a) For claims under £50, the first £10 pounds will be covered; (b) claims between £50 and £200, the first £25; (c) claims above £200, the first £50; (d) any remaining sum in the Fund will be allocated on a pro rata basis.

Ed Peel

Senior Treasurer, Junior Members’ Activities