Keble Gym

The best little gym in Oxford


7 cardio-vascular machines (2 ergs, 2 bikes, a treadmill and cross- trainer), a good range of weights equipment, incline bench etc., an exercise area with exercise balls, punch-bag etc.


The Gym is located in the basement of the Clocktower (formerly the Shaw Stewart Room) and is accessed by going down the steps by the JCR. There is a stair-lift for disabled users.

Opening hours:

Daily from 07:00 to 09:00 and from 10:00 to 23:00. Between Noughth Week to Ninth Week the Committee may assign certain times for the priority use by College sports teams.  To book a team training session the Sports Captain should complete a team training booking form.  The gym is closed each Wednesday morning between 10am and 11am for cleaning.


All current members of Keble, which includes JCR, MCR, SCR and staff, are eligible to join. You must be a Keble member to use the Gym.  Please fill out a Membership Form here:

Gym Membership Form
Gym Membership Form (Associate Students)

Membership fee:

£32 per term or £65 per academic year (Michaelmas 2018 to Trinity 2019 and includes the long summer vac).  The membership fee is payable by a charge to battels.


For Health and Safety reasons (and insurance purposes) all members must undergo an induction session which normally takes about 30 minutes before they may use the Gym.  Dates and times for inductions will be circulated to all members by email before the start of each term.  Sessions are arranged usually in 0th and 1st weeks, weekdays and weekends but not throughout the term so don't miss out.

Your 2018 Committee Members are:-:

Joint-Presidents: Qimu Yuan and Harriet Fodder

Committee Members: Isaac Ettedgui, Katherine Laffan, Laura Tregido