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College Advisers

Graduate College Advisers within Keble

Every graduate student in Keble is assigned a College Adviser who is your point of contact within college for any academic issues and/or welfare concerns you may have whilst in Oxford.   It is important to point out that your University supervisor is formally responsible for your academic progress.   Your College Adviser is not intended to be a Co-Supervisor but someone who is a member of the same faculty as your Supervisor.  The College tries to appoint College Advisers who have similar or cognate research interests to their Advisees though this is not possible in all cases.

You will see your College Adviser, along with the Warden and Senior Tutor once a year for an Academic Progress meeting. These meetings  provide an opportunity for you to discuss the termly reports on GSS on your work, provided by your University Supervisor .  Copies of these reports are sent directly to you and the College. You can fill in your own report  on GSS and you're encouraged to do so. They are also a good way of passing on comments about your course; the College regularly provides feedback to departments and divisions on the quality of courses and graduate matters more generally.

Your College Adviser is also available at other times throughout the year.  College Advisers are expected to see their advisees at least once a term to discuss their work, but this is flexible normally; some students prefer to meet less frequently, or to keep in touch via e-mail.  This is fine, providing that both parties are happy with the arrangements.  College Advisers are there to discuss any difficulties you might be experiencing in your work, or with your supervision. In most cases they will be members of the Faculty to which you are affiliated, and may provide advice on how to address any problems you are having there. If your College Adviser does not respond to your emails please contact the Senior Tutor.

College Advisers are also encouraged to invite their advisees to dine on High Table at least once a year, generally in small groups rather than one a a time.  Your Adviser will contact you about this.

Some graduate students are keen to gain experience teaching undergraduates. Your College Adviser may be able to help you in that area, if your University Supervisor is unable to do so. They may also be able to provide careers advice, and write references for job applications.

In some exceptional circumstances your College Adviser may be prepared to read your written work. You should not assume, however, that this will be the case.