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Alternative Personal Tutors

Within the College there are a number of different people from whom you can seek assistance in times of difficulty, either personal or academic.  A list is provided elsewhere in this section. But one important new addition to this range of assistance, for undergraduate students, is the introduction of an Alternative Personal Tutor scheme in the College.

All undergraduate students of course have individual tutors in their subjects and a Director of Studies who organises their whole programme, and who should always be their first port of call with problems.

The main point of this new scheme is to create a further “back-up” when students are feeling under particular pressure.  The Alternative Personal Tutor is someone who students should feel comfortable to approach when they have problems, particularly within some of the “grey areas” of overlap between academic and personal issues. These might have to do with feelings of personal deficiency in relation to their studies, or feeling not able to cope with workload, or questioning their study choices, or similar very stressful issues, which might however not be suitable to take to a “welfare” person in the college. These might be taken up with their APT when perhaps discussions with an individual tutor or their Director of Studies are not appropriate (of course tutors and Directors of Studies do sort out the vast majority of such issues).  All teaching fellows in the College have been allocated a small group of students, where possible from the same Division (but not the same subject) as the student’s area of study.

You will have been sent a notice naming your individual APT, or you can find out their name from Penny Bateman,Student Administration Manager ( or ext.72708). Please contact your APT whenever you are feeling these types of pressures, that cannot be resolved in another way – AND BEFORE THINGS GET TOO BAD!

Contact details and further information about all College Fellows are available on the College website under Academics.