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Medical Matters

You can see the College doctor and College Nurse if you need medical advice or treatment (further details are given below).

Students living in College and confined to their rooms by illness must arrange for the Lodge to be informed, and the College Nurse will then visit.

Students living in private accommodation should arrange for the Lodge to be informed:
if they are confined to their rooms by illness;
if a doctor has been called;
if they have been admitted to hospital.

Registering with a Doctor

All students are required to register with an Oxford doctor when they arrive. Please bring your medical card with you.  The mechanics of signing on are explained at a meeting shortly after you arrive in Oxford.  Free treatment is available for residents of the EU and countries with which the UK has reciprocal arrangements.  Students from overseas are strongly urged to check the availability of free health treatment on arrival.  In any event they are required to inform the College Nurse of the name of their doctor.  

You are free to register with any doctor, but we recommend that you register with the Oxford medical practice that has agreed to act as ‘College Doctor’.  It is:

The Observatory Medical practice
Jericho Health Centre
New Radcliffe House
Walton Street
01865 429993. Email

This is a group practice with several doctors and may choose whom you prefer to see and you should contact the Health Centre to make an appointment. Book at:

The College Nurse

The College Nurse ( ) holds a drop-in clinic at Somerville College, Darbishire 16, during term time from 10.:30-12:30 and 13:00 to 15:00 every week day.

In the case of a dental emergency advice should first be sought from the College Nurse.  Where appropriate she will arrange an appointment with a dentist.  Treatment of emergencies will usually be under the NHS arrangements.  However, unless patients are exempt from charges on the grounds of age (under 19 and in full-time education), or in receipt of income related benefit (HC2 Certificate, Working Tax Credit), the appropriate NHS fee will be payable at the appointment.

Treatment will be for the relief of pain and stabilisation of the condition.  Any further treatment should be arranged with your regular dentist.  If you do not have a regular dentist and wish to find one in Oxford, you will be given the telephone number to access details of local practices accepting NHS patients.